Green Flags For Buying a Used Car

Be On the Lookout For Positive Signs to Buy a Car

There is a lot for people to think about when buying a pre-owned vehicle. Seemingly insignificant details can be hugely important. Instead of focusing on red flags people need to beware of, we are turning that concept upside down and taking a look at the green flags for buying a used car. There are a lot of quality pre-owned vehicles on the market and they stand apart from the lemons in clear ways. A few of our product experts put together a few thoughts on the traits we find in the best pre-owned vehicles available at Vilsaint Vehicle.

Clean Body Panels

One of the strongest indicators that a vehicle has been well cared for is its exterior condition. A car, truck or SUV that is free from dents, scratches and other cosmetic defects is an excellent sign that the previous owner didn’t abuse it too egregiously. Also, be sure to check for signs of sun damage, like fading paint, sun-bleached interior and cracked plastic.

Below Average Mileage on the Odometer

The average person puts between 16,000 and 19,000 km on their vehicle each year. If the total number of kilometres on the odometer comes in under the average for how old the car is, that points to it being in good shape. Vehicles that have been driven above the average will be showing their age and leave subsequent owners on the hook for major repairs.

Tires and Brakes in Good Shape

Some items on any automobile need regular attention. Tires and brakes are at the top of this list. There are the two most neglected items we see on trade-ins. If the vehicle you’re considering has tires that are in good shape and brakes that aren’t worn down after purchase, it likely indicates that it will be a strong value.


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