Intergrity and Quality

We have made the supply of used-vehicles very easy

Founded in 2012, Vilsaint Vehicles brand has established itself as Poland’s foremost great quality car exporter. With vast experience in the global automobile market, we specialize in exporting top, reliable vehicles from Poland or Japan to anywhere on Earth.


As the region’s most trusted car exporter since 2012, our knowledge and experience of automobiles afford us a selective inventory of meticulously maintained and clean vehicles. We’re fully confident you will enjoy every step of the Vilsaint Vehicles experience. Our unique, customer-centric service operates with one objective: helping customers export their vehicles to anywhere in the world with ease and enjoyability. We take pride that our reputation speaks more than speaks for itself.

With a showroom based in Poland, our car exporting services deal with transport automobiles of all types and descriptions to meet the needs of our customers. From Daihatsu, Nissan, Honda, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Range Rover, more specially Toyota, we take meticulous care of all the automobiles in our charge.

Unmatched knowledge and experience gives us the ability:
• to deliver vehicles safely
• to deliver vehicles efficiently
• to deliver vehicles cost-effectively
• to deliver vehicles professionally inspected
• to deliver vehicles with low mileage
• to deliver vehicles to even the most challenging hotspots

Our information systems are second to none providing us with an integrated process for:
• pricing
• booking
• shipping
• tracking
And ensuring our customers benefit from this with timely information every step of the way.

We offer our customers multiple freight solutions covering all corners of the globe and utilising:
• well-respected multi-national shipping lines
• locally based forwarders with specialised regional knowledge We then gather customer feedback to keep on improving every aspect of our service and deliver hundreds of vehicles on a monthly basis.

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