No experience of importing New or used cars? We can take care of your demand very well so don’t feel uneasy. Our staff has been exporting used vehicles at a professional level for many years. Let us know how we can help you

For many years, we have been exporting used and brand-new vehicles in which 110,500 units are traded every month. We export more than 100 units to all over the world every month and we are recognized as one of the best choices in this market. Actually, our many customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our service as shown by the near five stars on the feedback of Vilsaint Vehicles in which we have done business. Also, you can find the direct voice from our customers

The vehicles displayed on this web-site are inspected twice by the third-party. All units are working well. Some are brand new and others are second hand.

Your helpful suggestions and feedback allow us to further improve your buying and selling experience on Vilsaint Vehicles as well as allowing us to prioritize areas of development for our products and services. 

We have a dedicated Customer Experience Team who work together to communicate your feedback to the rest of the company and work on solutions. 

While we want to act on all feedback provided to us as soon as possiblesometimes we need to work on the most important and biggest problems first. Which means it is possible that months may pass before we can act on your feedback. But this doesn’t mean that your feedback isn’t important to us. 

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Yes, Vilsaint Vehicles takes pride in helping car owners to easily get clients for their cars due to our wide range of publicity and customer base. 

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Vilsaint Vehicles is your home of cars and helpful car reviews, news, advice and tips.

To stay across everything you need to know before you sell your car, buy your next car or just to keep your current car in top shape, visit Vilsaint Vehicles Blog
We’ve put together a quick list of must read articles of helpful car care and maintenance tips. 


Changing and rotating tyres 

Your car’s tyres lead such a busy, multidimensional life. They turn through their own axis, they ride up and down over bumps, they roll in corners, they squat when the car accelerates or they dive under brakes. Here’s everything you need to know aboutrotating your tyres and changing your car’s tyres to keep you safe on the road. 


Changing oil and filter 

Checking your car’s engine oil is not one of life’s great challenges, but draining the oil and fitting a new oil filter is not something to be undertaken by tech newbies. Here’s everything you need to know about how to change your car’s oil and filter. 


Changing an air filter 

Just as the hairs in your nose remove dust, pollen and pollutants from the air you breathe, so too your car’s air filter stops damaging particles from entering the engine and causing wear and tear.Here’s everything you need to know about how to change a cars air filter. 


Replacing spark plugs 

The ignition system in a car’s engine comprises of spark plugs, leads and a coil (or coil packs). Over time, these components including the contact points in older cars, will break down. Here’s everything you need to know about replacing your cars spark plugs. 


Topping up the radiator 

At its peak, the temperature inside your car’s engine can reach around 2500 degrees. That’s a lot of heat for even the most sophisticated materials technology to handle. Here’s everything you need to know abouhow to top up your radiator. 


Replacing light globes 

If you’ve ever replaced the globe in a torch, you are probably competent to replace a globe or fuse in your car. It’s a little more complicated but we’ve put together everything you need to know about how to replace light globes on your car. 


Eight easy hacks to spring clean your car 

If the increasingly abundant sunshine has inspired you to emerge from your lazy winter hibernation habits of bingeing on TV, skulking around in slippers and subsisting on takeaway, there’s no better time to tackle the list of seasonally neglected life admin tasks. Here are eight easy hacks to spring clean your car. 


DIY polish and buffing out scratches on your car 

Save money on detailing by removing light scratches from your car’s paintwork yourself. 


  • Wash the area to be treated, 
  • Use a gentle aftermarket solvent to remove deposits like tar or bugs, 
  • Remove any oil residue with a soft cloth, 
  • Dab a clean cloth in the cutting polish or pour it onto the cloth, 
  • Gently apply with the cloth to the scratched area, rubbing in a circular motion, 
  • Rub for a minute or two, 
  • Wipe away the cutting polish and inspect the damaged top coat, 
  • If the scratch is still visible, repeat the application of the cutting compound, 
  • Repeat once more if the scratch remains visible, 
  • If the scratch has been removed, seal the treated area with a protective wax. 

If you are looking for a low-price car.

You can search for a car on our website and then click the QUOTE button. In the comment section please specify the car make, your price range and we will advise which car to buy under the preferred chosen brand

Even if the car you want is not in stock, we can search from other partners and find whatever cars you want because we are the member of a business network in which 120,000 units are traded every week. Please fill in the name of the car you want

Look for cars in Good Condition

The condition of cars is different for every unit. However, the condition is normally depending on the mileage. After filtering out our stock using ‘Search by car’ at home page, and choose the car the you want to purchase then view the full details. If you would like to know more information, feel free to contact us through theLIVE CHAT on the contact page

All cars on our website contain full details including photos. If there is a need for extra information or photos, please send us an email directly through the contact page or Live chat with us.

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